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Monk Strap Shoes Guide - How To Wear & Buy Single & Double Monks


Score the accessories in the vid:
Pocket square: https://gentl.mn/2ltOosu
Knit tie: https://gentl.mn/2kfk4wt
Boutonniere: https://gentl.mn/2kSpIqb

Traditionally, the monk strap shoe had a single buckle and that's what the shoe looked like for years. Over time, men wanted to create a different style so they added a second buckle.

Construction: You have an upper vamp as well as a buckle strap and then the heel. In this case, the shoe has some broguing, wingtip but that's entirely optional. The same is true for the double monk shoe, the only difference can be that the buckles in the straps can be in different positions, either here or there, the spacing between the buckles can be different and the angles and the style can be different.

Most monk strap shoes have a little part of an elastic, right behind here because it's a very inflexible shoe and you still have to get in and out of it. Naturally, not all feet are alike and therefore you can find certain holes in the strap to adjust it to your foot.

In terms of buckle designs, you find all kinds of shapes. Thicker square ones, rectangular, round, half round, octagonal, hexagonal, you name it and it will probably exist. Off the rack, these buckles are usually made of brass and then either plated with chrome or palladium or with a natural patina which is actually quite attractive. If you go bespoke, sometimes they'll also use sterling silver or even solid gold.

In terms of material, of course, classic, plain calf leather is the number one choice. It's easy to take care of, even get a nice patina and it's quite robust. In terms of colors, I would suggest you start with something with a dark brown range or maybe something reddish like burgundy because it's versatile and you can wear it with so many outfits.

Once you've mastered dark brown and reddish brown, you can think about other colors such as tan. On top of that, a dark brown suede monk strap can be very good for a casual and business casual wardrobe. A black monk strap shoe is only recommended if you wear grays and charcoals, otherwise, I really suggest you stick with brown or burgundy. Of course, once you've got these colors covered, you can play a little more and get a spectator monk strap either with linen or with leather, you can even use tweed, basically, the possibilities are endless.

Another somewhat popular monk strap shoes is exotic leather such as alligator and lizard. If you go that route, ake sure you get a matte alligator leather or lizard because it looks much more sophisticated and the shiny finish looks rather cheap and it's definitely something you want to avoid.

Cutaway Monk Strap: It's an entirely different look once you wear it and I think it works better with slightly shorter pants so you end up seeing the buckle and it's basically a matter of personal choice. Of course in the shoe world, you always want to be classic yet different and so someone had the idea to do a double cutaway monk strap and it can look quite elegant although it's a shoe that you can buy once you have all the basics covered.

Apart from shoes, you can also invest in monk strap boots which can actually look quite elegant especially with one buckle. Because it's a boot, the strap is slightly higher but you can also add a second or sometimes a third strap and unlike with the shoes, it looks quite good.

So how do you wear a monk strap shoe? Basically, it's a slightly less formal shoe than an oxford or a derby, that makes it very versatile in today's day and age. It pairs well with casual outfits, business casual outfits, blazers, sport coats, especially combinations. I also like to wear it with tweed and apart from that, it always gives you a unique look because there are way more oxfords and lace-up shoes out there than there are monk straps.
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Austin Kim : Quadruple Monk is the only way to go
IndianBrah : I have 2 pairs of single monkstraps, they're very versatile and work well with a suit or casual wear. The placement of the strap (depends on the shoe) results in a very smooth look.
DJ PC Baby! : FANTASTIC, I love when you have a link to what you wear on the video. Great way to induce a sell in my opinion! Seeing apparel live always does it for me. Thanks!
paul smith : Great video Sven, I love monk straps. They look great with a jacket, or a nice shirt and jeans. I also love learning new things, which I usually do from your videos, Balmoral and Jodhpur boots.....never heard of them before. Now I have research to do. Thanks again!
Kiron Kabir : Thank you for your video. I agree with you on the point that having 2 straps makes adjustments to the comfort of the foot a lot easier!

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신발놈IT SNEAKER & IT : 일단 받은 것 축하합니다! 구두도 입문자들이 구매하기 좋은 패키지로 구성되있고, 색감도 이쁘네요~ ㅎㅎ
Cometkwon : 신발 튼튼해보이고 색도 예쁘고 무엇보다도 마린수트님이랑 잘 어울려요~~ ㅎㅎㅎ
최우진 : 네이비 수트랑 찰떡이네요, 넘 이뻐요!!
Jay Chae : 꿀 목소리여요 <3
융튜브 : 공홈가도 안보이는데 링크 부탁드려도 될까요??

Making hand welted double monk strap shoes | handmade leathercraft

I am a bespoke shoemaker based in Seoul, Korea

Bespoke hand welted double monk strap shoe making

All work processes are completed by myself.

It took about 160 hours to make these shoes.

Thanks to everyone watching my video.

#bespoke #bespokeshoemaking #shoemaking #shoemaker #terrykimshoemaker #craftsmanship #구두만들기 #수제화
badass food : In my not so humble opinion the very best shoe crafter on you tube. I found this channel while watching bedo’s, and never went back! Not sorry bedo. I know that right now, mr. Kim is either crafting another pair, editing video, or both. Love the videos!
Anjalena : I wanted to say, as an American, that "wiping your feet" all over the US dollar (paper towel?) thing you did... Great video. So peaceful yet mesmerizing.
Paul McGrath : So, in addition to being one of the most amazing craftsmen on YouTube, you are also an ace camera operator and video editor. Nicely done all around.
Sachin Vartak : I have a huge respect for his dedication, patience and creativity and super professional approach. The final result is a work of ART :)
Jorge Antonio Restrepo Cárdenas : Muy hermoso trabajo todo hecho a mano con materiales genuinos en puro cuero, lástima que ya quedan pocas personas que conozcan este arte tan hermoso ya que la globalización lo a suprimido todo a su mínima expresión.
Un saludo desde Cali Colombia.




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