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Adaware antivirus free VS Zero-day malware

Thanks for watching my video.
If you want me to test which antivirus, leave a comment below!

0:00 Mokka - Synthetic Pleasures
2:07 Metaphazic - Slipstream
Nunzio d'Abbruzzo : Can you test Avast Free and Bitdefender Free? Thanks!
Nehuén Paletta : Nice test! You definitely deserve more subs
Honest Chris : I have a Ryzen 5 2600, overclocked to 4.1Ghz and set at 1.4v. When i use Adaware free antivirus my computer heats up and then shits down, my computer is fine with all other programs. I only have the stock Wraith PCU cooler.
bRuHxD6219 : test kaspersky security cloud free pls
A González : Thank you! Can you try Adaware again?

How to Uninstall Adaware Anti Virus in Windows 10

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Anton Eka Prasetya : Thx, Bro. It happened just two hours ago.
Frankly Nonurbiznes : Thnks 4 trying but ZERO. adaware NOT in control/apps etc.
Buck_Cover _up : Wow

The Antivirus that spreads Malware

Hello, my friends! Let's hit 10000 likes? Check out my website!
Today I am going to prove you why you shouldn't download Adaware or anything from Lavasoft. I don't exactly remember whether it was a reputable name or not, but some of my friends and relatives had it installed back in the day. So please, uninstall Ad(a)ware (or McAfee, or Norton) from your computer if you still have them installed, they spread malware.

Still have any questions? Send them to!
Wish you to have a great day!

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MarkusTegelane : Yes, I agree that the old Microsoft Edge is truly terrifying
xela : I remember an old theory that antivirus companies were creating and releasing viruses. It doesn’t seem far-fetched now.
Emma Lethaltail : the most mind-numbing bit is that the 2013 date is ACTUALLY when the final current version of ImgBurn was released by the developers. Insane.
apreese16 : Glad someone is finally calling out the norton and mcafee popups! Really lowers my respect for those companies
jjjacer : so many companys that i used back in the day, (Adaware, AVG, Avast) all seem to end up in the same place, crappy scareware money grabbing tools that really are no better than the malware they where supposed to protect you from.


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